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Aluminum Plate Cover Projects



Main Process

Surface Treatment


Tolerance:  +/-0.05mm

Stamping , Milling, Drilling


The aluminium’s lightweight characteristic is of great importance in the production of CNC automotive parts and accessories in other industries. Aluminium is a soft, lightweight, and durable metal, which makes it appears very common in CNC metal machining. The selection of aluminium grade is depending on your projects or applications, Junying is offering a number of aluminium materials available to be machined, such as aluminium 6061, 6063, 7075, 2024, etc. If you need assistance in your aluminium part design or the best economic manufacturing solution for your non-standard products, we can help you solve the problem with our full CNC service. Whether you want to get the aluminium plates, cylinder parts, or in other shapes and structures, please send us the details. We can also provide a quality surface treatment process for cast aluminium, including polishing, anodizing, painting, sandblasting, powder coating, and more. Our 5-axis machining and precision machining significantly increase the machining possibilities of different types of aluminium parts, achieving tight tolerances and excellent surface finish.

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