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I.C.E Aluminium Pte Ltd emphasises heavily on quality. We are certified ISO9001, the international standard of quality management, and this gives clients the assurance and guarantees that we are able to manufacture excellent products as per their specifications.

We are equipped with advanced types of machinery and special tooling – 600t ~1250t aluminium extrusion machine, CNC machining centres, automated electrophoresis equipment, grinding machines, dust-free automatic spraying, oxidation, and various types of tooling equipment.

Furthermore, we also provide a dedicated team of highly experienced and skilled professionals to meet the expectations of our valued clients.

Our clients trust our products, and we work together to develop an effective schedule for reviewing prototypes before commencing production.


With more than 25 years in the aluminum manufacturing industry, LianJo aluminum was founded in 1994. The Company took over Libang mental manufacturing in various provinces in China such as Tangxia, Dongguan, and Guangdong.

In 2018, the company ventured to target the worldwide market and I.C.E Aluminium Pte Ltd was formed. 

[I.C.E Aluminium is a subsidiary of Lianjo Aluminium Limited.  The company aims to target South-East Asia and Global Market ]


I.C.E reflects our philosophy of “Inventiveness, Conscientiousness & Exactitude.”


To deliver world-class quality products and best service, meeting customers’ ever-changing requirements.


To become a reputable global leading player in precision engineering and aluminium manufacturing.


Inventiveness - to create and explore endless business opportunities in the aluminium industry and beyond.

Conscientiousness – to take every client seriously and fulfil their needs to the best of our ability.

Exactitude – to match clients’ exact needs and deliver excellent customised products, achieving customer service excellence.

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