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China’s A00 aluminium ingot price heightens RMB320/t to begin the week

A00 aluminium ingot price has seen a substantial spike of RMB 320 per tonne to begin the week at RMB 17,740 per tonne, as recorded by the Shanghai Metals Market on Monday, July 18. The average prices are expected to range between RMB 17,720 per tonne and RMB 17,760 per tonne, with spot contracts to be traded at a discount price of RMB 20 per tonne and a premium price of RMB 20 per tonne.

The provinces in China have measured upstream prices today, with A00 aluminium ingot price rising the highest in Chongqing by RMB 390 per tonne to RMB 17,790 per tonne. The primary aluminium prices in Wuxi and Hangzhou have gained RMB 330 per tonne to rest at RMB 17,740 per tonne and RMB 17,790 per tonne, respectively. While the prices in Gongyi and Foshan have grown by RMB 300 per tonne to halt at RMB 17,670 per tonne and RMB 17,680 per tonne, respectively. Tianjin has seen RMB 290 per tonne rise in the ingot price to stop at RMB 17,760 per tonne, followed by Linyi witnessing RMB 280 per tonne increment to RMB 17,820 per tonne. Primary aluminium price has increased the least in Shenyang by RMB 230 per tonne, closing at RMB 17,740 per tonne.

In China, the domestic price of low-carbon aluminium has expanded by RMB 310 per tonne to stand at RMB 18,286 per tonne on Monday, July 18.

According to the data shown by SMM, high purity aluminium (99.99%) price and high purity aluminium (99.996%) price have been augmented by RMB 300 per tonne each to rest at RMB 25,800 per tonne and RMB 26,800 per tonne, respectively.

The aluminium alloy (A356) price has shot up by RMB 300 per tonne arriving at RMB 18,850 per tonne. The average prices are likely to range between RMB 18,700 per tonne and RMB 19,000 per tonne, says SMM.

However, the prices of aluminium alloys (ADC12) and aluminium alloy (A380) have refrained from any change.

The aluminium powder price in China has gained RMB 0.30 per kg to settle at RMB 19.60 per kg, with average prices ranging between RMB 19.50 per kg and 19.70 per kg.




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